Power House Fitness Centre

24HR Gym Membership and Safety Guidelines    

Welcome to Power House Fitness Centre!

Your Gym Membership includes full use of the 24hr Gym Facilities, Group Fitness Classes, Personalised Gym Programme and Fitness assessment plus free child minding between 9-11 Mon-Fri.

Reception desk will be manned between 7.30-11am & 3.30-7.30pm weekdays, 8-12 weekends.

For enquires outside these hours please email: admin@powerhousefitness.com.au or message us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Powerhouse-Fitness-Center

  • Your Membership Keytag will enable you’re entry to the facility via the electronic door opener provided your membership is active, if you are having any problems with your keytag please enquire with reception to check your membership status and resolve any access issues as soon as possible.
  • Your Keytag is to be used for yourself only, please close the door behind you for the next person to scan and enter, If you are found to be letting others into the facility with your tag your membership will be revoked immediately.
  • For your personal safety please make sure you are aware of the emergency call buttons located around the gym. These call buttons will signal to security that assistance is required. We recommend that if you are training by yourself you make use of the personal lanyard call buttons located at reception to ensure your safety.

Incorrect Use of Safety Duress buttons will incur a Fine.

  • Please check the entry door is securely closed behind you both when entering and exiting the building.
  • Code of Conduct: Please respect the gym facilities at all times. Enclosed shoes must be worn in all areas and a towel placed on the equipment for hygiene purposes. Equipment should be used in a safe manner for the designed purpose only. Maintenance and equipment checks are completed twice daily but if you see a faulty or unsafe condition please notify staff immediately on the contact details above. Unsafe or intimidating behaviour towards other members or staff will not be tolerated and will result in cancellation of membership.
  • Please be considerate to our neighbours when arriving and exiting the facility. Use the car parking spaces provided under the building or at Peters Park before parking on the road.
  • Complete the Induction with a member of staff

In case of Emergency:

Leave the building through your nearest Exit:

  • Weights room next to the squat rack and down the fire escape into car park.
  • Front Door and across the road
  • Upstairs’ in the foyer from group fitness room

Muster Point is at Peters Park. Stay away from the building until help arrives. Do not put yourself at risk.


Evacuation Procedures and Exits:


Calling For Assistance:

  • Fixed Duress Buttons wall mounted around the Gym
  • Mobile Personal Duress buttons on a lanyard located in reception
  • Phone located on reception counter
  • Fire Alarm Call point

Duress buttons are linked to a monitored security service.




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