Power House Fitness Centre

Kokoda Challenge 2016    


Powerhouse Fitness Centre had two teams of 4 head down to the Gold Coast Hinterlands in July 2016 to participate in the Kokoda Challenge.  This is a 96km trek ( the actual distance of the Kokoda track in Paupa New Guinea) through the Gold Coast Hinterlands.

There is a time limit of 39 hours in honour of the 39th Militia, the first Australian troops to step foot on the Kokoda track.

Our Teams are fundraised over $3200 for this event with the money going to the Kokoda Youth Foundation.

All money raised for the Kokoda Youth Foundation enable them to continue their work with Australian youth and the challenging communities in which they live.  How do they do this? By facing bariers in young people, breaking cycles of dependance and welfare, addressing mental health issues, suicide prevention, creating teams and creating individuals who work in teams with core values of courage, indurance, mateship and sacrifice along with many more life changing outcomes.

It was a difficult course made even more interesting by the weather eliments, wind and rain certainly didn't make things easier.  But they  soldiered on with one team coming in at 27 1/2 hours and the other team coming in at 30 3/4 hours.

They were tested with cramps, injuries and fatigue but pushed through their barriers to complete this Challenging course.

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