Power House Fitness Centre



WAR- An MMA-Inspired workout designed for strength and cardio improvement. Combinations of Punches, Knees, Kicks and HIIT Drills will test your physical abilities plus build focus and strength.

Pump - A resistance class using barbells, dumbbell’s and body weight exercises focusing on individual muscles groups. This class will help you lean and tone your muscles, increase your strength and power up the heart rate.

Boxing – A high energy contact boxing class using a mix of free standing bags and focus pads. This boxing class has something for everyone and is suitable for all fitness levels. Utilising punching and kicking combinations this class will leave you energised and stress free.

Spin – Join us on the indoor cycling track for some sprints, hills climbs, jumps and flat road cycling. This session is guaranteed to make you sweat, burn some calories and increase your cardio stamina.

YOGA – Find your inner Yogi and relax your mind. Stretch out and strengthen your muscles using slow controlled movements which open up your joints and reenergise the body.

HIIT - High Intesity Interval Training. A cardiovasular xercise strategy alternating short bursts of high-intensity (or max-itensity) anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods or low intensi activity, repeated.

BOOTCAMP - Held predominantly indoors in the Powerhouse Group Fitness room using body weight and equiptment based exercises, running aprox 45 mins

LOW IMPACT CARDIO and STRENGTH - a lower paced class for those who are just starting out or looking for an easier option, great for the older adult or those coming back from injury.  It is as 6 week block of progression based exercises designed to build strenth, mobility and movement.  Participants will work using a range from body weight to minor resistance using bands and possibly weights for the more advanced gym goers.

PILATES - a system of exercises designed to improve physical strength, flexability, nd posture, and enhance mental awareness.

Fitness Classes Available