Generation X – Can we really have it all?

#GenerationX Can we really have it all?
We are a cohort following the #babyboomers and preceding #millenials. We are born from 1956 to 1980 (currently 65 – 41 years old). What sets up apart from the other 2 generations? We seek a healthy compromise, whereby work and lifestyle is flexible and balanced, satisfying our financial, family, health and personal needs.
You’ve got too much on! I hear this all the time from people close to me. More often, I get asked How do you do it?
I come across the FOUR BURNER THEORY a few years back. The concept is the four areas of your life is a four burner stove and each burner represents Family, Friends, Fitness (Health) and Finance (Work). The theory is, to be successful you have to turn off one burner and to be super successful you need to turn off two.
This year my Fitness burner is turned up so hot that if you come close you’ll experience a third degree burn! My work colleagues can tell you about my post it notes as they watch me transform in 9 months period whilst I am preparing for my first body building competition.
My Family and Work burners are simmering on the background but my Friends burner is turned off (I can partly blame COVID)!
Can we really have it all? For me Yes but not all at the same time. It boils down to your life season. If your life priorities does not allow you to focus on your fitness and get the body you want, just keep your burner simmering and not completely turned off. Family and Finance (Work) will always take precedent and that is just a fact.
Our Health and Fitness is a diminishing asset. Don’t leave your burner turned off too long.
yours in health and fitness – Marites
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