5 Fitness Training Types

5 Fitness Training Types

Understanding the F.I.T.T. principle helps you create a workout plan that will be more effective in reaching your fitness goals. F.I.T.T. stands for frequency, intensity, time, and type of exercise. These are the four elements you need to think about to create workouts that fit your goals and fitness level.

Traditional fitness programs focus on the “Training Triangle” – cardio, strength and flexibility. In the recent years, we have been more aware of the impact of bad posture and balance due to prolonged inactivity at work and home.

To have a more round approach ensure to incorporate the 5 Fitness Training Types in your plan:

  1. Cardiovascular – heart and lung endurance
  2. Strength – developing lean muscle mass and delaying ageing
  3. Flexibility – joint and mobility exercises to reduce injury risk and improve movement efficiency
  4. Balance – ability for your body to recognise where it is in space.
  5. Posture – the framework that holds your body and limbs when standing, sitting or lying down

How F.I.I.T. is your workout plan? Is it time to add some flexibility, posture and balance movements?

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