Holiday Health

Holiday Health

As the year winds down, we are all feeling that end of year fatigue. Now is the time to recharge and relax, but this does not mean losing the results of all the hard work you have put in this year!

We have compiled our top 4 favourite health and fitness to ensure you have an enjoyable Christmas and enter the New Year happy and healthy.


1.Set realistic goals

If your health and exercise goals include losing weight, building muscle, or boosting your performance (say, for running a race), cut yourself some slack during the holidays. While you might be able to stick to daily workouts, pack healthy lunches, and make steady progress throughout the rest of the year, it’s just not always possible during the holiday season — and that’s okay. Focus on eating nutritious food because it makes you feel good! Work out because you love it, and for the endorphins of course.

2. Stay Active!

Staying active each day isn’t only great for our bodies, but also for our mindset. If we completely neglect our normal routine, it’s easy to fall into bad habits. By staying active daily, you are reminded that this is now part of your lifestyle, its a part of every day and you should enjoy it

3. Keep it short, simple and sweet

You may not have time (or energy) for your usual 1 hour workouts, now is the time to keep things short and sweet. Incorporate a quick HIIT or Yoga session into your daily routine, or plan a daily family walk to make sure the whole fam is staying healthy!

4. Treat yourself!!

This one is a biggie and very important, we work hard all year and all deserve the time with our family and few extra treats that come with that. Do not feel guilty!

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