Meet the Owner!

Meet the Owner!

Five Fun Facts About Marites

  • Passionate Latin Dancer (Latino Fuego)
  • Competitive Pole Dancer (Won Physipole Beginner and Regional QLD Halloween Pole Competitions)
  • Currently preparing to compete for 2021 Body Building Competition at the tender age of 50
  • Chemical Engineer passionate about solving complex problems using proven processes
  • Originally from the Philippines and lived in Australia for 22 years with 10 years of which in Boyne Island (still not quite local)

I am passionate about helping busy professional women get the body they want and enhance their personal brand and as a result, Six Sigma Fit is born. We are excited to announce a ‘hybrid’ type of coaching where services are provided online and or face to face to provide flexibility for busy professionals. Technology will play a big part in tailoring programs and tracking progress to ensure accountability and results. Thanks to COVID19, the use of online platforms have become more accessible and more user friendly. Our customer experience at Powerhouse will also shift to Paperless to support sustainability. Above all, we will continue to provide a safe, comfortable, and welcoming ‘second home’.

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