We all make and break habits all the time. Most of our lives are built around habits and routines. Some point you in the direction of where you need to head; others can derail you. I believe in habit and routine because its how things get done and goals reached.

Small wins will always help light the way. Select one habit you would like to change. Now find a replacement, something positive, stepping you closer to your goal or giving you some form of internal happiness. Work on this one change for at least a week or two before you select another habit to change.

Take a long, hard look at your current habits, the good, the bad and the perfunctory. the last one refer to the things you just gotta get done, like making the bed, taking a shower, brushing your teeth. Consider how these tasks simply to ‘just happen’. That’s the kind of routine you want with your new positive habits.

Remember feeling out of control? Stop. Go back. Think about it. Remember that in every situation you have a choice. You have the Power!

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