Planning is the key when it comes to getting your health, fitness, weight and life back on track! Its not always easy to be 100% organised all the time, but when planning becomes part of your everyday routine, it becomes a part of your life.

Here’s 5 planning drills to try out:

  1. Become a forward thinker. Consider what your week is looking like and have a plan. Cook up on the weekend for quick dinners during the week. Consider the sport you’ll do on the weekend. Have good snacks to go.
  2. Spending time planning saves lives. Promise! Consider your many hats: mother, sister, friend, boss, daughter. Do something each week towards these roles. Say Monday – power walk with bestie. Wednesday – call Mum. Friday – home cooked pizza night with kids.
  3. Get yourself a really good diary or diary app on your phone/tablet. Sit it where everyone can see it and write everything in. Encourage the family to include their own activities.
  4. Each night, check what’s happening the next day.
  5. Schedule a NO PLAN day. Its a freestyle day or weekend. SUPER important!

Whatever it takes to break the habit of sitting on the couch and chowing down sugary fatty food, that’s a good plan to make. You have the POWER!

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