The POWER of the MIND

The brain is the most powerful organ in the body.

And while there have been so many discoveries about the nature of the brain, it seems that there is still so much to learn.

The behavioural trait that is the most commonly discussed in the fitness industry is WILLPOWER and it’s a fascinating topic. Research has shown that Self Control, Decision Making, Regulating Emotions, Resisting Temptation and how it can be draining to continually strive to be on top of you game.

However, all these researches discovered that the more we use our willpower, the more it can be strengthened. Just like a muscle, training your will power can make it stronger.

One of the really awesome thing about the brain is its plasticity, it’s so adaptable. You can rewire new behaviour patterns and habits as well as disconnect old ones, with practice and perseverance. Bit it is important to give yourself time and not take too many changes at once.

It is important to remember that harnessing the power of your mind does not only include the realms of health and fitness, it can also be done in all areas of your life. Your brain is really that powerful!

Here’s 5 ways to exercise your brain power:

  1. Can  you go a full 24 hours without making a negative comment, judgement or sarcastic comment about anyone, anything or yourself?
  2. Next time you go blow off a workout (which is all a mind game) out-smart the sneaky internal dialogue by visualising all the reasons why you want to be strong and healthy.
  3. Choose two nights a week that you invest in your mental wellbeing rather than watching TV or trawling the internet. Go for a walk, educate yourself on nutrition.
  4. Think of something that is ‘not tidy’ in your life. Maybe it’s a conversation you need to have with someone. or an outstanding debt. Maybe it’s an apology. Get busy and sort it!
  5. With lives as full as ours, its not always easy to handle everything. Choose yourself first. It is hard to give if you are empty!
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