TOP 5 Tips on How to Make Fitness FUN

TOP 5 Tips on How to Make Fitness FUN

1. Get Social

One way of alleviating boredom is to exercise with a friend or a group. Try and take a friend with you on your next workout, get them to join you at a fitness class, or just ask them to join you on a treadmill session. If you are lacking in the active friends department then our fitness classes are for you! It is the best way to find some like-minded exercisers so you can give a boost to not only your fitness but also your social life.

2. Do Exercise To Your Liking

Exercise can be a grind, especially when you are doing something that you really really don’t like. If going to the gym and knocking out rep after rep is just not working for you then why not find an exercise method that really appeals to you. Look for alternatives such as a fitness class. Consider what your goals are — whether it is improve fitness, to compete, gain competence in a pursuit, or just for fun. Try as many different ways of exercising as possible so that you find one that you are actually look forward to doing.

3. Jam it Out!

Put together a playlist of your top tunes in order to give you the boost you need during a workout. Music during a workout can reduce the perception of of how hard you are working for moderate exercisers.

4. Spruce up your kit

There’s something very satisfying about putting on a fresh pair of kicks or a fierce new workout top that you’d also be quite happy wearing to a post-workout brunch.

5. Mix it up

Imagine having exactly the same meals or only listening to one album on loop every day.

Mixing up your workouts can help you stay motivated and alleviate the risk of getting bored with your training, and be open to trying a variety of exercises, from pilates to powerlifting, mix up your route to avoid your usual one becoming stagnant.

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